New collection calendar 2017 (May to December 2017)

Starting May 1st, 2017, there will be a new waste collection schedule.

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Proper handling of waste helps to protect the environment. To enable residents to dispose of waste appropriately, the City of Brossard provides a variety of collection services.


Waste must be placed on the curbside after 8 p.m. on the day prior to collection or before 7 a.m. on the day itself.

Collection dates and instructions are provided in the right margin, along with tricks and tips to help you reduce your ecological footprint. You can also download a handy reference chart and the 2015 collection calendar in the right margin.

Materials Not Accepted in Regular Garbage Collection

As part of its ongoing efforts to achieve environmentally friendly waste management, the City revised its rules related to garbage collection through the Regulation Relating to Waste Management (REG-126), which was enacted by the Municipal Council and has been in effect since May 12, 2014.

The following materials are not accepted and will be left on the curbside:
  • green waste (e.g., grass clippings)
  • branches and tree trimmings
  • wooden furniture
  • electronics
  • cooling appliances (containing halocarbons)
  • recyclable materials (e.g., cardboard)
  • tires
  • hazardous domestic waste
  • construction materials

Eco-friendly Solutions

We invite you to take advantage of the various green solutions offered to you for disposing of waste materials in a safe, eco-friendly manner. You will find information about them in the sections below.

This initiative is aligned with the City’s Environmental Policy and meets the objectives set by the Quebec Residual Materials Management Policy.

Has your waste not been collected?

  • Please take note that all types of waste collection are carried out between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on the designated collection day. 
  • Make sure that you comply with the pickup conditions for each type of collection, otherwise your waste will not be picked up. If you believe you have complied, contact Services Brossard at 450 923-6311 or by e-mail at services@brossard.ca to report an omission, anytime after the end of the collection period. After making your request to Services Brossard, leave your waste materials at the curb (except on weekends), because a truck could come back for them. 
  • Note that it is important to communicate quickly with the City when your materials are not picked up, to ensure your request is followed up with the contractor. The contractor will pick up your waste within 48 business hours following the day of collection.