Journée de l'animal de compagnie

On June 2, the 6th edition of Journée de l'animal de compagnie was held at aréna Michel-Normandin. Nearly 1,400 people came out on this beautiful spring day to visit exhibitors' booths and attend lectures, canine agility demonstrations and skill shows.

A record of microchipping
Once again this year, it was possible to microchip an animal at a low cost. 162 animals benefited from this procedure, under the supervision of the veterinarians on site. Remember that this procedure allows the owner of a lost animal to retrace it quickly. Another interesting aspect at this event was the possibility of adopting a new furry companion. It should be noted that several animals found a loving new home and 19 persons signed adoption application forms.

Journée de l'animal de compagnie is the only major event on the South Shore that aims to raise awareness on three major issues:

  • responsible adoption;
  • sterilization;
  • identification by microchipping (permanent)

For more information, contact Brossard Services at 450 923-6311 or by email at

The City would like to thank the Quebec Pet Adoption Centers (QCACQ) for organizing this day as well as the many volunteers, animal shelters and visitors.

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