Winter parking in Brossard

Last December, the City of Brossard notified residents that parking vehicles overnight in the streets of Brossard in winter was henceforth allowed, except when snow-clearing operations take place (by-law REG-300).

And now it's time for the City to take stock. We'd like to find out how you feel about the amendment to the parking by-law (REG-300) and collect your comments and suggestions. This citizen consultation, in the form of a survey, will allow the various departments involved to make the best possible decisions for winter 2017-2018.


The Ville de Brossard has removed the ban, except during snow removal operations

Following a public consultation process initiated by the City in November 2016 on the possibility of permanently lifting the overnight parking prohibition, certain provisions of the Regulations relating to traffic and parking(By-Law REG-300) have been modified to allow the overnight parking of vehicles in the streets of Brossard during the winter period, except when snow-clearing operations take place.

Survey results

To view the results of the survey, see the Summary of the public opinion survey on overnight parking during the winter period in the streets of Brossard (in French).

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