Operation Spring Cleaning

We’ll Soon Be Hard at Work!

The cleanliness of our city is a manyfaceted municipal priority that includes:

spring cleaning, cleanup bees, public cooperation and beautification. As soon as the snow has melted, the team at the Direction des travaux publics gets busy cleaning up the streets, parks and public places, and cleaning operations then continue throughout
the summer season.

Each winter, more than 6,000 tonnes of melting and abrasive agents (road salt and fine gravel) are spread on the roads to keep residents safe. The first big chore, carried out intensively in a short time frame, is to pick up the abrasives and debris left behind as the snow melts, as well as garbage that appears at random, such as plastic bottles, washer fluid containers, etc. The 350 km of roadways and 130 km of sidewalks are then cleaned by street washers and sweeper trucks. You can often see them roaming the city streets, since after spring cleaning is completed, they continue to keep the city neat all summer long.

Thanks to these large-scale operations, more than 350 parks and green spaces will come back to life and play areas will be made safe, not to mention the 65 km of multi-purpose paths and the 50 playing fields which will be cleaned and prepared to welcome visitors. More than 435 public garbage cans will also be reinstalled for the summer.

Sewers and PotholesNet3-110407-(1).jpg

The City will also clean the sanitary sewer lines. For buildings with a private entrance located below street level (for example a basement or garage), it is important to confirm that the water drainage grate is working correctly. An obstruction could block the drain. We recommend you close the lids of your toilet bowls to avoid possible damage being caused by these operations. Finally, the potholes will be filled, as quickly and effectively as possible. These cavities are formed mainly by water infiltration and the freezing and thawing of the pavement.

City Cleanliness is Everyone’s Business!

The City asks its residents to collaborate by taking a few simple actions:

  • Please don’t put debris from your property in the streets or on the sidewalks;
  • Avoid parking in the street if you see that street cleaning is in progress;
  • Place your bins, garbage cans and basketball nets in your driveway;
  • Avoid creating piles of dust, rocks or rubbish in the street;
  • Pick up your garbage in parks and on pathways, including your dog’s droppings.

Temporary Occupation of Public Property:domainepublic-(1).png
Don’t Forget!

The City reminds you that, under by-law REG-397, a permit to occupy the public domain, issued by the Direction des travaux publics, must be obtained by any resident or contractor who wishes to:

  • Place a container, equipment, materials (e.g.: stone, sand, earth, unistone, pipes, etc.) on public property, whether on the pavement, a sidewalk, a median, a bike path or in a park;
  • Temporarily close a street to traffic because of works in progress.

For more information on this permit and its application form, contact Services Brossard at services@brossard.ca or at 450 923-6311.

So Operation Spring Cleaning consists of erasing all traces of winter and polishing up the city by ensuring that pavements and sidewalks are safe and facilities and parks are clean and attractive. Although everyone looks forward to the arrival of spring, we ask you to be patient, since our work schedule is subject to the whims of Mother Nature.