Since 2003, the use of chemical pesticides has been prohibited within Brossard. The municipal by-law in effect is intended to prevent health- and environment-related risks. It was introduced following the implementation of the Code de gestion des pesticides du Québec (Quebec Pesticide Management Code), which is designed to regulate the use of pesticides for aesthetic reasons on private and public properties.

To consult the Rule REG-350 about pesticides, please click here (in French).
Pesticides include any substances, materials or micro-organisms used to control, eliminate or repel undesirable organisms. The most common types of pesticide are herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.
Did you know that it is necessary to obtain a permit from the City in order to use some of these products? 

Registered Businesses

If you wish to hire a company for your lawn care and maintenance, including the extermination of insects such as white grubs, it must be with a company that is registered with the City. Please find below the registreted businesses :
Busineseses's name Phone number  Registration number
Service d'Entretien de Pelouses Pousse Vert Inc. 450 474-3977 2019-10105
Experts Verts Inc. 514 447-8378 2019-10138

For more information
If you believe a business is using pesticides illegally or you wish to find out about the best product to use for maintaining your lawn or obtain alternative solutions to pesticides, please contact the Direction de l’urbanisme by calling 450-923-6311 or writing to