Jour de l'arbre


On the occasion of the Jour de l’arbre (tree day), May 20th, you’re invited to beautify your environment by planting a tree or shrub offered free of charge by the City!

Five good reasons to participate in the Jour de l’arbre:

  1. Assist in greening Brossard and increasing the presence of native species.
  2. Beautify your environment and that of the city.
  3. Fight deplorable climate change.
  4. Get helpful advice from horticulturalists and celebrate the arrival of warm weather!
  5. Help apply the by-law on cutting trees (any tree felled must be replaced).

In 2009, the City adopted a policy confirming the importance of trees in the urban environment. The Jour de l’arbre event was established to raise residents’ awareness, promote tree planting and increase resident participation.

Through this event, the City aims to promote the environmental benefits of trees, such as the improvement of air quality and the reduction of heat islands. The Jour de l’arbre also allows residents to obtain horticultural and plant maintenance tips at the awareness kiosks present on site.


Register by filling in the online form between April 19 and May 17 (while supplies last) at or contact Services Brossard at 450 923-6311. Note that proof of residence (driver’s permit or tax bill) will be requested when picking up your plant. Each address may request one tree or shrub. Choice of species will not be possible at pickup time.

  • Hackberry
  • Larch
  • Trilobée viburnum
  • Virginia creeper

Trilobée viburnum