Improving the quality of water is a priority in order to ensure public health and enable us to continue using water in our current manner. This valuable resource is threatened by a variety of significant risks. Excess consumption of water is the most important challenge that we face, since this affects potable water reserves and the ecosystems that depend on them. Proper management of wastewater is just as important, since it ensures that water returned to the natural environment is of sufficiently good quality that it will not affect the local wildlife or the health of people who wish to use it during recreational activities.

Actions completed or currently being carried out with regard to this issue:

  • Equipping all Brossard homes with a water meter. For over 50 years now, Brossard residents have paid fees based on their use of potable water. The installation of water meters in all homes in the City has helped to make Brossard one of the municipalities that consumes the least potable water (in terms of liters per day per inhabitant).
  • Providing advice on detecting water leaks in the home.
To find out more about the rules and guidelines that help to maintain our water networks and extend the lifespan of the City’s water supply and sewer infrastructure, click here.

Diagram of Potable Water System: From the River to Your Home!
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