Ville de Brossard consult the population

The members of the municipal council have not made any final decisions about cannabis consumption within the city. The provisions of provincial law will apply for the moment. In order to make an informed decision, your elected officials consider it essential to allow residents to first express themselves on this important question by means of a survey.

With the legalization of cannabis comes the obvious question of where consumption will be permitted. In Quebec, the passage of Bill 157 created the Cannabis Regulation Act which entered into force on October 17. This law provides that cannabis may be consumed in various public places.
Just like Brossard, many cities have yet to take a position regarding cannabis consumption and have decided not to intervene for the moment. In the absence of any municipal by-law on the subject, the provisions of the provincial law will apply in Brossard until such time as the City takes its own position.
In general, the provincial law regulating cannabis prohibits smoking or vaping it under the same conditions specified in the Tobacco Control Act. There are also additional bans covering places such as:
  • the grounds of health and social services establishments
  • college and university grounds
  • bicycle paths
  • public transit bus shelters and waiting areas.
Detailed information on the new laws is available in French and English here.

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