Direction des travaux publics

Travaux publics ensures the efficient maintenance of all municipal infrastructure and equipment assets so as to provide a safe environment for residents. It also has a mission to plan, organize, administer and manage municipal activities related to sustainable development and the environment.
This department includes three divisions:
  • The Division gestion administrative et contractuelle, manages contracts and sees that by-laws are respected for public spaces and for animal control. It sensitizes all residents to the preservation of the environment through actions, publications and tailored activities.
  • To provide for safe travel within Brossard, the Division réseaux publics is responsible for managing all activities relating to the preventive maintenance and repair of infrastructure, including roadways, sidewalks, bike and pedestrian paths, signage, traffic lights, street lighting, potable water distribution and wastewater delivery to the pumping stations. This division is also responsible for maintaining the city's vehicle fleet as well as machinery and equipment used for municipal operations.
  • The Division équipements et espaces collectifs ensures the security, reliability and sustainability of the city's assets.
Érick Santana
Direction des travaux publics
450 923-6311