Direction de l'urbanisme

This department's mission is to plan for the city's sustainable development, to support people in carrying out their real estate projects and oversee the maintenance of a good quality of life for Brossard residents.
Its values are professionalism, commitment, proactivity and efficiency.
The main responsibilities of the department include:

Urban planning:
  • Plan and organize the city;
  • Propose and submit development strategies;
  • Draft by-laws and amendments;
  • Analyze and approve projects.
  • Formulate guidelines, policies and programs and carry out actions.
Permits and inspections:
  • Inform the public;
  • Issue various kinds of permits and certificates;
  • Monitor what goes on and enforce the by-laws.
  • Manage cartography (maps) and toponymy (place names);
  • Manage grant programs.

Éric Boutet
Direction de l'urbanisme
450 923-6311