MADA : plan d'action 2014-2016

Given the important role played by seniors in social and community life, the City launched the Municipalité amie des aînés (MADA) initiative in the fall of 2011.

The 2014-2016 seniors action plan unveiled on September 17, 2013, demonstrates that seniors are a priority for the City, which seeks to improve their living conditions and promote active golden years. By implementing the plan’s policies and programs, the City will ensure that various municipal services are adapted to the needs of seniors by 2016.
Consult the MADA 2014-2016 action plan for details of all measures being taken by the City.

In keeping with the principles of the MADA initiative, which is taking a new approach to the issue of ageing, the City of Brossard worked in collaboration with numerous professionals from the private, public and community sectors to identify and deliver accessible services that will help senior citizens stay active and energetic. Our thanks to everyone on the working committee for their invaluable contributions!  

Photo du comité de travail – MADA

De gauche à droite : À l'avant : Isabelle Lizée, Suzanne Wong Kee Song, Linda Vandal, Monique Gagné, Paul Leduc, Danièle Auclair et Louise Pelletier. À l’arrière : Jean Allaire, Lise Benoit-Lussier, Anne-Sophie Desrosiers-Lemieux, Gladis Quintal, Alexandre Plante et Soumaya Frej. Absents de la photo : Paul-Émile Boudreault, Marguerite Cadieux, Anthony D’Alba, Marie-Claude Gagné, Cristina Lagüe, Roger Roy et Marie-Laure Pilette.