The City of Brossard is pleased to be able to communicate with internet users through the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr networks.
Netiquette is a code of appropriate conduct governing the behaviour of social media users.
The City of Brossard expects internet users to respect its Netiquette rules when communicating in social media spaces under its control.
Regulations Concerning Respect for People and Laws
Users must comply with all applicable legislation, including the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, the Civil Code of Quebec, the Criminal Code, the Copyright Act and applicable legislation concerning intellectual property.

Users must respect the confidentiality of personal identification information and the personal nature of information about the private life of a person within the meaning of the Civil Code of Quebec.
Rules to Respect When Drafting Messages
  • The City of Brossard's presence on social media is not anonymous. Users who wish to use these media to communicate with the city are therefore required to identify themselves. The City of Brossard reserves the right to not publish a comment or to not respond to a question if there is a doubt as to the identity of its author.
  • The theft of the identity of a blogger, writer, moderator or any other person will not be tolerated
  • Only users 12 years of age and over are permitted to sign up and communicate, when possible, through social media spaces controlled by the City of Brossard. Users under the age of 12 may only browse spaces controlled by the City of Brossard.
Rules of Good Conduct
  • Any comment or intervention posted must be courteous.  The user shall not use inappropriate or offensive language at any time.
  • Comments that are defamatory, hateful, xenophobic, discriminatory, homophobic, sexist, immoral or disrespectful of people (for example, because of their ethnic origin, religious affiliation, gender or age group), will not be accepted.
  • Remarks that could harm members of our staff will not be tolerated.
  • The City of Brossard may refrain from responding to, edit or delete:
  • Any accusation, true or false, made against a person or an organization;
  • Any offensive, disrespectful, defamatory, obscene, injurious, threatening, aggressive, abusive or hurtful comment aimed at a person or an organization. Included in this list are racist, hateful, xenophobic and sexist remarks and those which denigrate an ethnic origin, sexual orientation or religious affiliation;
  • Any solicitation or advertising for the purpose of promoting or supporting a business or organization (with the exception of recognized organizations within the meaning of the City's Policy on Recognition);
  • Any incomprehensible or irrelevant comment;
  • Any spam or comment sent repeatedly, because it impedes communication;
  • Any comment including a string of special characters (for example: !!!!!!###***!), which may be subject to interpretation. In the language of the internet, uppercase characters are equivalent to shouting and can be interpreted as aggression, which can be distressing to other users. Any message containing one or more words in uppercase (with the exception of acronyms and initials) will be rejected;
  • Any comment that refers to illegal activities or that encourages illegal practices or that contravenes any law, regulation or government ordinance, or that promotes false, misleading or illegal information, or that promotes illegal conduct or incites to violence.
The City of Brossard reserves the right to modify this code of conduct (Netiquette) or to close any forum, without prior notice.
  • Any remark or comment posted in social media spaces controlled by the City of Brossard must relate to its mission and its activities or services. Off-topic comments will not be accepted.
  • Advertising or trade messages other than those authorized by the City of Brossard, as well as messages abusively repeated, will be systematically and immediately removed from spaces administered by the Organization.
  • Communications will take place in French, except when technical terms exist only in English or during specific special projects approved by the City of Brossard.
  • You may add hyperlinks from other sites to messages if it is not for marketing purposes and if it has a connection with the City of Brossard or its activities and services. The City is not responsible for the content of external sites.
Authenticity of Information
Users must ensure that the content they display is authentic and that it does not infringe the property, confidentiality or other rights of any third party.
  • By publishing content on a City of Brossard space, internet users grant to the City of Brossard the permission and the free and unlimited right to use and distribute their content, for any useful purpose.
  • By participating in any of these forums, Internet users authorize the City of Brossard to publish their comments on the web for an indefinite period, which means that these messages will be indexed by internet search engines
Customer Service
To contact the city or ask a question:

Services Brossard
450 923-6311
Rights of the City of Brossard
  • The City of Brossard keeps watch over any content platforms it controls during its office hours, from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m..
  • It reserves the right to modify the Netiquette at any time.
  • It also reserves the right to delete any comment, any remarks or any publication deemed inappropriate, and this, without any notice to the user.
  • The Ville de Brossard’s social media administrators reserve the right to exclude from their page(s) anyone who fails to respect the rules and regulations of good conduct outlined above.
General Provisions
Everything published on a social networking site becomes public. Any activity or comment on social media is therefore potentially accessible to all. Comments made on the City of Brossard social media spaces are the sole responsibility of the author, and any contravention of the foregoing rules can result in a civil, criminal or penal liability for the author.