Wild animals

Dead or injured animal

To report the presence of an injured or a dead animal (dog, cat, skunk, groundhog, bird, duck, turtle, etc.), contact the City’s Public Works Department or Refuge A.M.R. In the case of a large animal, such as a deer, you must inform the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune to have it removed.

Helpful tips

  • Tolerate the presence of an unwelcome animal for a period of time. It will likely wander away on its own, and the inconveniences do not justify its relocation.
  • Dispose of your waste in tightly sealed garbage containers. Avoid plastic bags.
  • Clean the areas that appear to be attracting the animal (under the shed or patio)
  • Install obstacles to discourage it from accessing the area (fence or wire mesh around a tree, the shed or the patio)
  • Treat your lawn against white grubs. Small mammals love these bugs and are attracted to them.
  • Drive them away with a repellent that is available in big box stores or recommended by an exterminator.
Valuable tips on how to get rid of an animal or discourage it from damaging your property are available on the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs' website.

We also recommend you follow the advice provided by SPCA Roussillon (formerly called Refuge A.M.R.) to attempt to get rid of an unwanted animal. If the problem persists, contact an extermination expert. Qualified exterminators can be found on the Internet and in the phone book. The City does not recommend or promote extermination services. Please note neither the City nor the animal shelter loan or rent cages to capture and relocate wild animals.