Revitalization of boulevard Taschereau


Located in the heart of the city, boulevard Taschereau extends over nearly 6.5 km. More than 400 businesses are located there and thousands of motorists travel it daily.

Often criticized for its design characteristics, building architecture, the overabundance of signage and its unfriendliness for all users other than motorists, it is now subject to new urban development regulations.

Visit the Regulations section for more information on the new urban planning by-laws.
Taschereau Boulevard revitalization Initiative
The City continues its efforts to promote the beautification and development of this boulevard with an eye to sustainable development. The revitalization could extend from rue Auguste up to the La Prairie city limits.

Watch the video on our vision of boulevard Taschereau


In its approach to revitalization, the City is considering the following aspects:

  • traffic congestion and road safety;
  • public transit and active mobility (pedestrians, cyclists, etc.);
  • universal accessibility;
  • cohabitation between various uses (mitigation of impacts and nuisances);
  • the social dimension (public spaces and parks, housing for all, etc.);
  • the environment (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, mitigation of heat islands, greening, etc.);
  • beautification (architecture and location of buildings, landscaping, signage, facilities, etc.);
  • economic development (optimization of usages, redevelopment of certain areas for residential purposes, etc.).

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